Focus on the Family

I have always enjoyed gardening.  It is the one thing that I miss since moving to Rockingham County in Virginia.  Rich, fertile soil is difficult to find here which is unlike the lush farmland found around my former home in Lancaster County, PA.  So now I support the local farmers who have found good ground, grow  delicious vegetables and sell them at Farmer’s Markets.

While I enjoyed gardening, I confess to a level of impatience as the seeds seemed to take their “good old time” germinating, growing and bearing fruit.  It was hard to wait to enjoy the corn, beans and tomatoes my garden yielded.  During the process of writing, publishing and marketing this book, I have felt similar feelings of impatience.  While receiving a lot of affirmation for the timely message of the book and the publisher saying sales were good, it didn’t seem to be “catching on” like I had hoped.

Enter Focus on the Family. In mid-August, Margot and I traveled to Colorado Springs to tape two radio broadcasts to be aired by Focus on the Family on Thursday and Friday, September 15 and 16.  I invite you to tune in for some valuable tips in navigating your way through the world of youth sports.  If there are no radio stations in your area that carry the daily broadcast from Focus on the Family, you can hear both days at the following addresses:


Thanks to Jim Daley, President and John Fuller, the messages of our book, intended to help parents navigate the often confusing world of youth sports will be heard by thousands.  Their professional staff followed up the taping session with a 3 minute Facebook-live segment that had been seen by over 31,000 people within two days of being posted.  Jim and John gave us a platform to share insights on the current youth sports culture, examine common misconceptions and provide tips for parents struggling through the decision making process of youth sports involvement.  They asked insightful questions and provided a framework for describing the challenges and offering tips related to youth sport involvement.  I hope you can tune in.  And please share this with others who could benefit from this helpful material.







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